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Measurement and Statistical Data Analysis in Human Science

Department of Psychology and Human Developmental Sciences
Graduate School of Education and Human Development
Nagoya University


Hidetoki ISHII, Ph.D.

Professor, Nagoya University
  2015 :
Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota
Director of Admission Division, Nagoya University
Chair of Department of Psychology and Human Developmental Sciences

Research Area

Educational Measurement
Data Science
Educational Psychology

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Research Interests

Test development using item analysis
Developing and examining item writing guidelines
Data science and statistics in humanities
Study on entrance examinations
Medical and co-medical research

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Selected Publications

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Seminar on Psychometrics I

 This course deals with several fundamental concepts in statistical analysis, psychometrics, educational measurement, and data science. There are a lot of topics we recommend you to study. Then, we focus on a topic each year and read a textbook together. Following lists are the book titles we read.

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Item Analysis System

 "Integrated Tool for Item Analysis & Response Data Analysis" is designed to analyze multiple-choice test data. One or more than one correct option items can be analyzed. Score data can also be analyzed except for partial credit data.
 After setting examinees' response data and answer key data, and running the software, summary of test scores, results of item analysis and examinee analysis are shown. These information are helpful to understand item characteristics and examinees' performance.
 Please click below and download the zip file which contains Software, Instruction Document, Sample Response Data, and Sample Key Data. The software runs on Windows PC.

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Email: ishii.lab.nuedu.psychometrics[at]gmail.com

Address: Hidetoki ISHII
     Graduate School of Education and Human Development
     Nagoya University
     Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya
     464-8601 Japan


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