Tables of First Survey concerning Students’ Vocational Competences in Four Countries (2013)


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Table 1. Participants for each country and kind of institution

Table 2. Q2-1 Career wish after graduation

Table 3. Q2-4-2 Parcentiles od specialized cources amang total study credits

Table 4. Q2-7 Effectiveness of spesialized courses on career decision

Table 5. Q2-8 Percentile of students' experiences for part-time job

Table 6. Q2-11 Career effectiveness of part-time job's experience on the decision of wishing vocation


Table 7. Q2-17 Experiences of volunteer activities

Table 8. Experiences of internship

Table 9. Result of factor analysis into 30 items of vocational skills (N=1123, all data in four countries)

Table 10. Result of Factor analysis into 27 items of vocational values (N=1209)

Table 11. Compassion of score of each factor and each country's group


Download all tables (PDF)