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Professor of Vocational and Career Education, Department of Educational Sciences School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University

**Employment History**

Professor, School of Education and Human Development, Nagoya University, 2000
Professor, School of Education, Nagoya University, 1997
Associate Professor, School of Education, Nagoya University, 1995
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Kanazawa University, 1987
Part-time Lecture, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University, 1978

**Educational History**

Ph.D. in Education, Nagoya University, 1995
Left Ph.D. Course in Industrial Sociology, Kansai University, 1978
M.A. in (Industrial) Sociology, Kansai University, 1975

**Research Interests**

Comparative Study of Vocational Education
Career Education and Vocational Views
Transition to Job and In-company Training
Higher Vocational Education

**Recent Main Publications**
Moriki TERADA:Voatiuonal Education in Japan; from the view ponit of comaparison and transition.(in Japanese)
Moriki TERADA ed.: International Comparison on the Mechanism of Career Formation and Job Decision;Transition Process from School to Work in Japan, Germany, US America and VR China. 268 pp. Kyoto 2004. (in Japanese)
Moriki TERDA:Vocational Education and areer Education in Germany; Tradition and Change of German Dual System. 215 pp. Okayama, 2004(in Japanese)
Moriki TERADA, Walter Georg, Helmut Demes: Bildungsexpansion, demographischer Waendel und Uebergange in Japan. In: Bildung und Erziehung Jg. 57, H. 2. 2004. (German)