<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> <a name="E30021"> <center> <a href="../list_gp.html#E30021_l">;b0</a> </center> <table width="600" align="center" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4"> <tr bgcolor="eeddee"> <td width="150"><font size="-3"> <td width="150"> <td width="150"> <td width="150"><font size="-3"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">b0_ <td><font size="-1"> <td><font size="-1">2XSMO <td><font size="+0">%ff[gg5 <tr bgcolor="ddeeee"> <td><font size="-1">bS_YeT <td colspan="3"><font size="+0">wNy <HR>ISHII, H <tr bgcolor="eeddee"> <td><font size="-1">yv T <td colspan="1"><font size="+0">EDUPA6101J <td colspan="2"><font size="+0">ϑ_tf[xvz`! <HR>Seminar on Psychometrics I <tr bgcolor="ddeeee"> <td><font size="-1"> ؚ\Nyv T <td colspan="1"><font size="+0">EDUPP6101J <td colspan="2"><font size="+0">ϑ_tf[`! <HR>Psychometrics I <tr> <td><font size="-1">i/Outline <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> Data analysis ability has become more important in societies. This course deals with several fundamental concepts in psychometrics, educational measurement, and statistics. We do NOT focus on remembering data analysis technique, but on understanding thoughts and principles behind them. It will provide you the insight of how you should obtain data, analyze them, and derive conclusions. <br> There are a lot of topics we recommend you to study. In this semester, we will focus on ASSESSING HIGHER-ORDER THINKING SKILLS. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">0RTvj/Objectives <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> You will be able to; understand what is higer-order thinking skills, and how to assess them. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">cmin0Q[/Contents <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> You will read textbooks, articles, or materials relating to the focused topic. <br> In each session, some of you will make brief presentations following discussions. Materials are partitioned into small parts and assigned to every student who needs a credit, so many of you will provide presentations in one session. <br> It is necessary to prepare resumes and hand them out to all attendants. Resumes should be written in English. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">Yeyf/Textbook <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR>Brookhart, S. M. (2010). How to assess higher-order thinking skills in your classroom. ASCD. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">Sf0Snje/References <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> Announced if necessary <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">b>~UOel/Evaluation <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> Heuristic evaluation of follows: quality of presentations, resumes, and degrees of contribution to discussions. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">e\OagN/Conditions <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> <HR> You are required to have learned introductive statistics and psychometrics such as mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and reliability and validity. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> <tr> <td><font size="-1">]0n0Nn0la/Remarks <td colspan="3"><font size="-1"> ; 񂞊k000cmi <HR> As you may have noticed, this class is held in English. You are expected to use English in the whole course. Presentations and discussions should be provided in English. However, you can also use your native language if it helps most students. <br> If you do not understand what is discussed or cannot find right words, do not hesitate to ask. Other attendants will help you. <br> Most of us are not native English speakers including the course instructor. So, we do not expect you to speak perfect English. You do not also have to care about grammar so much. The important thing is to get familiar with using English in the classroom. Take it easy! <br> English levels are not the same between students. So, you have to pay respect to all other students. We do not expect that few of you speak actively and many of you stay calm. All attendants should have the equal opportunity to participate in the class. <tr bgcolor="eeddee"><td colspan="4"> </table>